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Data Releases

Data Applications

BloodPAC data applications are simple applications that call the BloodPAC commons API and create customized queries of submission metadata.   Access is granted to members and requires a username and password.  Contact the support team to learn more or request customized content.  

Data Matrices

Matrices (python, graphql) on github:

Interactive MetaData Explorer

ShinyR (python, R, shiny, graphql) on github:



Data Model

To facilitate a common set of standards and the use of tools for analysis, a data model has been developed for this project. We will work to make the data model as close to the Genomic Data Commons ( data model and as compliant to the GA4GH standards as practical.

Changes and extensions to the data model are adjudicated by the Data Modelers Working Group.   Proposals are tracked here:

Directions for Uploading Data

For all members planning to contribute data, please review the Data Contribution Wiki below.

Data Contribution Wiki

MetaData Format

Contributed Project Descriptions

A list of contributed projects currently in the BloodPAC data commons with a description of the experiment from which they are derived.

Pre-Submission Data Inventory

For use prior to full submission.